Treatment Options and Parenteral Nutrition in Edmonton

Dr. Wayne Steinke uses naturopathic therapies and techniques to facilitate healing for his patients. Offering everything from parenteral nutrition to counselling and creative diet programs, he can help you find balance and rejuvenating energy as you heal and regain your optimum health.


Natural Health Solutions

Our naturopathic therapies include: 

Diet Counselling | Botanical Medicine | Chinese Patent Medicines | Counseling
Soft Tissue and Joint Manipulations | Parenteral Nutrition (Intravenous Therapies) 
Neural Therapy | Platelet rich plasma therapy 

Diet Counselling 

We'll help you eliminate toxins from your diet and find foods that will give you the most energy and health benefits.

Botanical Medicine 

Botanicals have pharmacological effects that can cleanse your body and renew your strength.

Chinese Patent Medicine

A combination of Eastern herbals and acupuncture can improve the balance of your spirit and body.


If the mind is uneasy, it can powerfully affect the body. We'll help you identify and resolve emotional issues so that your mind and body become unified and healthy.

Soft Tissue and Joint Manipulations

Manipulation of tissues and joints through hands-on treatment. At times augmented by injections and acupuncture to help with both acute injuries and chronic problems.

Parenteral Nutrition - Intravenous (Not Currently Practicing)

If you require this treatment, we give you injectable nutrients to help with both acute and chronic conditions.

Neural Therapy (Not Currently Practicing)

We help re-balance nerve function to get the nerves doing what they are supposed to do. 

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (Not Currently Practicing)

Growth factors commonly used with stem cell transplants are used on their own to help stimulate your body’s natural healing process.

Of course, not every therapy type is right for everyone. That's why Doctor Steinke will carefully create a treatment plan that meets your body's needs. Combined with good eating habits and exercise programs, our therapies can speed your healing. 

Let Us Help You

Your employment benefit plan may include parenteral nutrition injections and other naturopathic therapies, and we'll provide you with an invoice so you can be reimbursed. Please note that we are not currently practicing Parenteral Nutrition, Nueral Therapy, or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.  We accept cash and cheque only.
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