Conditions Treated by Dr. Wayne Steinke B.Sc, N.D.


Dr. Wayne Steinke has been practicing over the past 20 years capable of treating all conditions in all age groups from babies to the elderly. With that being said, there are some specific conditions and diseases Dr. Steinke have treated with much success over the years. We have a reputation for being a specialist in these areas.


We treat both childhood and adult asthma. When people comply with recommendations, we see a greater than 90% success rate in people being able to get off their inhalers. Treatment is usually based upon neutraceuticals and dietary changes. Allergy testing is recommended, which we do.

Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis / Heart Disease

Most cases are treated with neutraceuticals, herbal medicines and dietary and lifestyle changes. We believe in and administer EDTA chelation for both the treatment of and prevention of circulatory vessel blockages.

Anti-Aging Medicine / Genetic Risk Profiling

You’ve heard it said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For years, naturopathic doctors have been promoting nutrition and healthy lifestyles for the prevention of disease. Around the turn of the millennia, labs started offering genetic profile risk assessments, but each panel (e.g. heart risk, liver risk, etc.) was $600-$1000. Now, we are able to offer complete risk assessment testing, review and analysis of the data and dietary and lifestyle recommendations for $1000.00 or less.

Athletic / Sports / Work Injuries

We offer a range of therapies for enhancing performance and speeding up recoveries from spasms, sprains, strains, tears and breaks. Methods may include parenteral nutrition (nutritional IVs), neural therapy, prolotherapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma) and magnet therapy, along with a base plan for oral supplementation and dietary recommendations. Acupuncture may also be very useful.

Autoimmune Disorders

We find strong causal associations between autoimmune disorders and dietary allergens, chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, nutritional status and chronic stress/lifestyle status. Due to the individual nature of these conditions, treatments may vary greatly from one patient to the next, even though they may share a common diagnosis. 

Blood Pressure Issues (Hypertension and Hypotension) 

There seems to be three main areas of influence on most people’s blood pressure issues:

  • Stress and anxiety issues
  • Dietary influences
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Bronchitis (Chronic and Acute) 

Most of the time we will try one of the IV therapies, whether it is a high dose Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide or ozone. We find the alternative IV therapies often provide results conventional drugs can’t.


The first fact to realize about cancer is that if anyone really understood cancer and had a cookie cutter cure, cancer would not be a big deal. So if anyone claims to have the magic cure for cancer, I advise you to be highly skeptical. Having said that, there are many ways to support the body, the mind and the emotional and spiritual health of a person. We have seen people get rid of their cancers when their oncologist told them they had at most 30 days to live. We have also seen people pass on who we truly expected to heal.

Cholesterol Issues

We are not in favor of statin type drugs for most individuals. Most people can balance out their cholesterol through dietary, nutritional and herbal means.

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional and herbal therapies, along with IV therapies often show results which can be nothing short of miraculous. 


Colitis falls under the realm of GI disorders which we specialize in. Diet assessment, nutritional intervention (sometimes with IVs), allergy testing and at times herbal remedies can bring about the complete reversal of symptoms and help individuals get off their medications. Results can be life changing.

Crohn’s Disease

Even people with advanced bleeding, mucous and the elimination of undigested food can have complete reversals of their condition once diet and nutritional issues have been addressed. IV therapies may be required to build up ones nutritional status in the beginning, but we’ve seen results that are truly life changing.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diet, lifestyle and nutrition play big roles here. In almost all cases, if they are not too far advanced, we can prevent the disease from progressing further. In at least 50% of the individuals we see, we can reverse the condition, lowering blood sugars, and often getting people off their medications.

Fertility Issues

We provide a range of tests from allergy tests, chemical tests and heavy metal tests along with diet and lifestyle assessment.

Fibrocystic Breast Changes

A combination of diet and lifestyle changes with nutritional support often lead to the complete reversal of this condition.

Gas (Belching, Bloating and Flatus) 

Diet, lifestyle and digestive support can lead to 100% improvement in digestion, dissolution, absorption and elimination, but you have to do it. Like all of the GI conditions, we see amazing results when you follow the advice. Reduce the advice down to one magic natural enzyme or probiotic and you may get results, but you will now be dependent on that supplement. We really try to get people looking at the bigger picture so they don’t need to do that.


Diet and lifestyle changes and herbal remedies can be of great use. Results again usually depend upon compliance, but typically we have a high success rate.

Gastro Esophageal Reflux (GERD) 

What you eat and drink has a huge impact. Some herbs and supplements are of use to help control the symptoms.

Chemical Toxicity

We usually test for the types of chemicals present via a urine analysis which is sent out to a private lab. Treatment is dependent upon the type(s) of chemicals present.

Heavy Metals

Testing is commonly done via a provocation shot of DMPS followed by a urine collection which is sent out to a private lab. Treatment recommendations may vary but usually 1 or more forms of chelation are suggested.


Usually a disease more common to people of Northern European decent, many Canadians of this ancestry are suffering because North American doctors don’t see it that often and miss the diagnosis. Treatment is straight forward, simply removing some blood via a phlebotomy.


IV intervention via high dose vitamin C IVs, hydrogen peroxide IVs and ozone treatments, along with dietary changes and nutritional support have proven to be amazingly effective in addition to or instead of conventional treatments.

Herpes Simplex (HSV) 

Lifestyle changes, nutritional support and the possibility of IV therapies can reduce outbreaks to a rare occurrence. Compliance with diet is usually crucial. For some people, certain supplements may play the critical role. 

Herpes Zoster (Shingles) 

We have seen great results, even with individuals who have suffered for over a year. Treatment usually involves IV vitamin C, dietary changes and some vitamin B-12 injections.

Infact Colic


Both male and female infertility is addressed at Select Health Centre. Males with low sperm counts, females with hostile uteruses and issues around conception are all addressed. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Patients with IBD experience a very high satisfaction rate so long as they are willing to comply with dietary and supplemental recommendations. It is very common to have people feel 100% normal after a period of dedicated healing time, while being 100% medication free.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 

This is one of the earliest of the GI problems to treat, once one gets away from the idea that there is a magic pill to solve the problem. Diet, stress, and nutritional status are all key to allowing the GI tract to heal.

Liver Problems

We have seen remarkable results with patients with cirrhosis, fatty livers and tumors. The liver is possibly the most remarkable organ in the body with respect to its ability to heal and repair itself. Once again, diet and lifestyle are very relevant to one’s health success. The liver acts as one of the most important organs when it comes to cleaning the blood, so it stands to reason that naturopathic doctors are going to place a high importance on this organ given our propensity for detoxification.

Lupus Erythemotosus

A potentially very serious condition but one where naturopathic medicine can have a spectacular result. Over the years we have treated a number of patients with Lupus who have underwent “spontaneous remissions” after testing allergens, changing diets, adding nutritional support and reviewing lifestyle related factors. It is reasonable to expect improvements in almost all cases.

Malabsorption Syndrome

We treat malabsorption in all ages, from infant to seniors, along with specific nutrient deficiencies, weight loss and all associated syndromes. There are all kinds of functional ways to support digestion, dissolution and absorption.

Obesity and Weight Loss

There are no magic diet pills which give lasting results. You can spend your money on supervised diets and shakes but in the end, you’ll always find that lasting results come from diet and lifestyle changes, along with the exploration of psycho-emotional triggers for eating and testing for endocrine imbalances affecting metabolism.


While it’s often not as treatable as rheumatoid arthritis, depending on the degree of degeneration, injection therapies like ozone, prolotherapy, neural therapy and PRP have all been used to positive effect. Diet changes and nutritional support are effective.


Usually very serious and still, very treatable. Be prepared for some BIG diet and lifestyle changes as most of these patients have been doing some things they shouldn’t have.

Poly-Cystic Ovaries

An extremely painful condition where a functional approach can be far more useful in the long run than anything the drug companies have to offer. Diet, herbs and lifestyle changes can be life changing.

Raynaud’s Disease

It is usually best approached from a perspective of nutritional supplementation and dietary changes.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A painful inflammatory condition where, if not properly treated, can result in severe deformations and mobility impairment. Lifestyle and dietary changes along with allergy testing can lead to complete remissions where people become asymptomatic. In 20 years of seeing patients, some of the most remarkable results we’ve seen have been with rheumatoid arthritis patients.


Like many conditions where the prescribed drugs are at best palliative, a more functional naturopathic approach can result in a complete healing and normalization of symptoms.


There are different causes for splenomegaly, some are treatable through natural means and some are not. More information would be required to give you an accurate assessment.


This is a very controversial subject that really should have individual’s freedom to choose at the heart of the argument. Educate yourself and decide based on risk evaluation for and against. Factors like what a daycare or school demand really have nothing to do with your child’s health and therefore should not be factors in determining your child’s health choices.