Your Naturopathy Appointment with
Dr. Wayne Steinke B.Sc, N.D.


First Visit

Your initial one hour visit with Dr. Steinke in Edmonton consists of:

  • A consultation
  • Detailed history gathering
  • A complaint specific physical exam
  • Any in-office laboratory testing deemed necessary

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete our intake forms. These assessments establish baseline measures to monitor your progress. We may request additional testing through your medical doctor in cases of more chronic complaints, especially those involving heavy metal toxicity or digestive, hormonal and allergic conditions.

Second Visit

On your second visit, a report of findings and a detailed wellness plan are outlined. Our programs always involve dietary and lifestyle recommendations and an individualized selection of therapeutic supports. This visit is 30 minutes in length. If you are attending from out of town, these will be booked concurrently. 

Further Visits

Follow-up visits are scheduled every three to four weeks generally and will be ½ hour in length. As we monitor your progress and you experience increased levels of wellness, follow-ups will be extended out. For general disease prevention and health maintenance, we recommend an office visit every six months

Laboratory Testing

Depending on your situation, Dr. Steinke may suggest including lab tests during your initial consultation to assist in our understanding the condition of your health. These tests will also provide us with a baseline for your progress as you move forward in your new wellness program. Our in-house tests include:

  • Urinalysis
  • Live blood cell analysis with dark field microscopy
  • Bioimpedance testing
  • Urinary indican
  • Interro testing
  • Polysan antigen-antibody blood test
  • Salivary Hormone Testing
  • IGG Food Allergy Testing


Adults - $180.00 for the initial consult, $80.00 for all follow up appointments.

Children/Youth - $80.00 for the initial consult, $60.00 for all follow up appointments.